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Founder Members Golf XVII (2021)

Nov 10, 2021

Founder Members Golf XVII (2021)

Ladies and Gents,

In November 2004, the Hacienda del Alamo Golf Course, was officially opened and since then, we have held annually, what is one of our most popular and prestigious events. As we are all aware, unfortunately last year, we could not hold this, because of covid and of all the restrictions applied throughout Spain. Therefore this year, we need to make up for it!

It is a two day golfing competition, played over Friday and Saturday, culminating in the Gala Dinner and Prize Giving on the Saturday night. This special event is known as Founders Weekend and this year, because last year’s did not happen, will be our 17th. It will be held on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November.

We are sure that many people on Hacienda, especially the new owners and residents, of which there are many, do not realise that the Gala Dinner is open to ALL owners, residents and their guests. The Saturday night dinner and dance is normally a wonderful evening.


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FMXVII Reception



FMXVII 1st Day 1st Tee



FMXVII 2nd Day Final Flights



FMXVII Gala Dinner & Reception




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